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Last update - April 15th, 2015, Re-opened for business!

Welcome to my homepage of Comic-Books and Magazines! Many of you know me on EBAY as OldSundayComics a dealer in rare, original newspaper comics. Occasionally I also sell collectible comic books,  Magazines, old newspapers and other paper collectibles.

After many successful sales - I've been asked for more!  Here's more!   I am working on listing My full inventory of Comic-Books that I have available for sale is right here.  I will be adding more Titles over the next few months,  so check back from time to time.    If you do find something you like - see at bottom for ordering instructions.

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Marvel Marvel - DC DC-Miscellaneous DC-Miscellaneous
Click for Oldsundaycomics! Master of Kung Fu - Micronauts Anthro - Atari Force Deathmate - Phantom Force
Marvel Titles 'A'-'Z' Micronauts - Mighty Marvel Western Atom - Batman Pitt - Star
2001: A Space Odyssey - Amazing Advs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The 'Nam Batman Stormwatch - Trencher
Amaz. Advs - Amazing Spider-Man Namor - New Mutants Batman - Batman Gotham Nights II Tribe - Zealot
Amazing Spider-Man New Mutants - Nick Fury Batman/Judge Dredd - Black Orchid Valiant Titles 'A'-'Z'
Am. Spider-Man - Astonishing Tales Nightcrawler - Peter Parker Blood Pack - Booster Gold Archer & Armstrong - Harbinger
Astonishing Tales - Avengers Peter Parker Brave and the Bold - Challenge Harbinger - Solar Man of the Atom
Avengers Pitt - Power Pack Challengers of the Unknown - DC Comics Presents Solar Man of the Atom - X-O Manowar
Avengers Power Pack - Psi Force DC Comics Presents - Demon Disney/Gladstone Titles 'A'-'Z'
Avengers - Cable Punisher - Punisher War Journal Detective Comics Chip 'n' Dale - Duck Tales
Cage - Captain America Punisher War Journal - Red Wolf Detective Comics - Firestorm Goofy Adventures - Roger Rabbit
Captain America Ren & Stimpy - Saga of Crystar Firestorm - Flash Roger Rabbit - Walt Disney Giant
Captain America - Conan The Adventurer Saga of the Human Torch - Sgt. Fury Flash - Gunfire Dark Horse Titles 'A'-'Z'
Conan The Barbarian Shadowmasters - Silver Surfer Guy Gardner - Huntress Alien 3 - Martha Washington
Conan The Barbarian - Daredevil Silver Surfer - Spectacular Spider-Man Icon - Justice League of America Mask - Star Wars
Daredevil Spectacular Spider-Man - Spider-Boy Justice League of America Star Wars - X
Daredevil - Dazzler Spider-Man - Spider-Man 2099 Justice League America Malibu Titles 'A'-'Z'
Dazzler - Defenders Spider-Man 2099 - Spider-Man Unlimited Justice League Europe - Legends Dark Knight Airman - Wrath
Defenders Spider-Woman - Star Wars Legends Dark Knight - Legion Super-Heroes Topps Titles 'A'-'Z'
Defenders - Doctor Strange Star Wars - Strikeforce Morituri Legion Super-Heroes - Losers Bombast - X-Files
Doctor Strange - Dreadstar & Company Stryfe's Strike File - The Thing Legion Super-Heroes - Mask Tekno Titles 'A'-'Z'
Dynomutt - Fantastic Force Thor Masters of the Universe - New Teen Titans Ibots - Xander
Fantastic Four Thor New Teen Titans - Omega Men Now Titles 'A'-'Z'
Fantastic Four Thor - Tomb of Dracula Our Army at War - Rip Hunter Time Master Astroboy - Twilight Zone
Fantastic Four-Generation X Tomb of Dracula - War Machine Robin - Sandman Mystery Theatre Miscellaneous Titles
Genetix-G.I.Joe Weapon X - Web of Spider-Man Scarlett - Shadow Cabinet Aardvark Vanaheim - Archie
G.I.Joe-Hell's Angel Web of Spider-Man - What If Shadow War of Hawkman - Starfire Archie - Atlas
Hellstrom - Incredible Hulk What If - Wonder Man Star Hunters - Star Trek Atlas - Charlton
Incredbile Hulk - Indiana Jones Wyatt Earp - X-Factor Star Trek - Star Trek Next Generation Charlton - Comico
Infinity Crusade - Iron Man X-Factor - X-Force Star Trek Next Generation - Suicide Squad Comico - Dell
Iron Man - Justice X-Force - X-Men(Uncanny) Sundevils - Superman Dell - Eclipse
Ka-Zar - Lion King X-Men (Uncanny) Superman - Superman Man of Steel Eclipse - Eternity
Little Mermaid - Marvel Age X-Men (Uncanny) - X-Men Superman Man of Steel - Swamp Thing Eternity - First
Marvel Age - Marvel Comics Presents X-Men - X-Men Classic Swamp Thing - Tales of the Teen Titans First - Gold Key
Marvel Comics Presents - Marvel Feature X-Men Classic - X-Universe Tarzan - Vigilante Gold Key - Kitchen Sink
Marvel Feature - Marvel Spotlight DC Titles 'A'-'Z' Wanderers - Witching Hour Kitchen Sink - Mirage
Marvel Spotlight - Marvel Team-Up Action Comics Wonder Woman - Zero Hour Mirage - Renegade
Marvel Team-Up - Marvel Two-in-One Action Comics Image Titles 'A'-'Z' Renegade - Topps
Marvel Two-in-One - Marvel Universe Handbook Advanced Dungeons Dragons - Advs Superman 21 - Brigade Triad - WW Norton
Marvel Universe Handbook - Master of Kung Fu Advs of Superman - Animaniacs Brigade - Deathblow Click for Oldsundaycomics!

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Ordering Instructions:

Ordering and Payment - All prices are quoted in US $.  Orders should be E-Mailed to am@OldCheapComics.Com.  Orders will be confirmed via E-Mail to sender.  Order confirmation will hold items for 7 business days on domestic orders, 10 business days on US-Foreign orders.  Only US$ Money Orders,  checks drafted on US banks, or Paypal payments will be accepted.  Cash also accepted, however, I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail.  Unconfirmed orders may be partially or totally unfilled based on item availability, so please E-Mail first.    Multiple Copes are available for some  of the items listed.   To avoid sleep disorders - no phone orders will be accepted.

Shipping - Buyer is responsible for exact postage.  I use US Postal Service.   Domestic packages:  Priority Mail (optional insurance available at cost).   Foreign packages: Small Package or Parcel Post.  Shipping costs will be included in the order confirm, the buyer has the option to withdraw the order based on shipping costs with E-Mail RSVP (pretty please?).  UPS is NOT available.

Grading:   Grading is based on Overstreet Price Guide Standard.   Because my eyesight is getting a little fuzzy in my old-age, I subtract a Half-Grade so my maximum grade is VF-NM. ..       

Shipping Discount on orders over $100:  -$10-Off shipping charge  for each $100 of merchandise ordered  in any single order.  Discount is applied to the shipping only.  Discount in excess of the actual shipping amount is not applied to the prices of the ordered merchandise.  Discount applies to a single order and does not accrue on multiple orders.   Discount does apply to orders which combines merchandise from and .

Money Back Guarantee - If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any item, simply return it for a full refund. 

Sorry, I do not offer free pics of the comics and magazines.


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